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Random fill media with a particular shape that imposes sudden changes in direction to the pollutants to be removed. At the same time they allow [...]

Pall Ring

Random fill media that have both characteristics of high chemical-physical resistance and good elasticity at normal operating temperatures. They appear to be used brilliantly as [...]

Fill Media Packs

The packs are made from high quality thermoformed PVC/PP sheets glued together, this allows to obtain a high water/air contact surface and optimize the evaporative [...]

Drift Eliminator

Inserted inside the plants to facilitate the separation of the drops of liquid carried by the gaseous stream. Their particular geometry gives the fluid more [...]

Spray Noz

Made of glass fiber polypropylene, obtained from a requalification process, they guarantee a fine spray with uniform and constant nebulization, either empty cone or blade [...]

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